Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Gainbust?
Gainbust is a foolproof, science-based Breast Enlargement Program that is backed by our no questions asked money back guarantee. Created by Cam and Beverly Bachman, Gainbust has helped people all over the world achieve their breast enlargement goals - better and faster than anything on the market today.
2Who can use Gainbust?
The entire system is based off years of research and real life testing and is suitable for people of ALL body types and ethnicities.
3Am I too young to use the Gainbust system?
We sincerely recommend not using our Gainbust system if you're under 18 yrs old. It's better to finish puberty before determining whether or not you're satisfied with your breast size. Stay positive...and patient! :)
4Am I too old to use the Gainbust system?
Not a chance! There are many women who've even used Gainbust during or after menopause. Best of all, these women experience better sleep, diminished vaginal dryness, improved mood and a vast reduction in hot flashes and headaches.
5I was born a man - will Gainbust work for me?
It appears so! Although Gainbust was initially created for women; we have received several success stories from natural born men! Which proves to us the techniques described in our system can work regardless of gender!
6Is Gainbust safe?
Absolutely! We understand that "natural" doesn't always mean safe; however, the methods in Gainbust are gentle and stress-free on your body. In fact, there is a long list of advantages accompanied with our techniques that benefit your body, mind and spirit.
7How big can my breasts grow with Gainbust?
On average women have gained a full cup size in 28 days. You can also continue the system beyond the 4 weeks to grow your breasts to the size you want. Simply stop the plan when you're satisfied with your growth. Remember, everyone has a unique biological make up; no two bodies are alike. Our best advice is to be patient, results will come but they don't always happen overnight. Bev and I are here to help you throughout the entire journey and provide you with everything you need to reach your goals.
8I'm estrogen dominant - can I benefit from your program?
Yes! In fact, most women these days are estrogen dominant; due to the overwhelming amount of xenoestrogens we're exposed to daily. Gainbust was carefully designed to accommodate women of all body types.
9Will I receive Gainbust in the mail?
No. In order to save you time and money (from printing and shipping costs), rather than being mailed, Gainbust is provided to you through instant download as an E-Book. Which you can read on any device, such as your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Smartphone, Tablet or E-Reader. You can transfer it to as many devices as you'd like, and even print it out.
10What happens after purchase?
After purchase, you will receive Exclusive Access to our "GAINBUSTERS" members only area; where you can download the e-book and start the program immediately! You'll also receive Special Bonuses, that compliment our program for maximum no-fail results!
11Do you have a money back guarantee?
Of course! If you aren't happy with your results we're not happy keeping your money - it's that simple. Gainbust comes with our 100% risk-free, no hassle money back guarantee.